Our Finance & Banking team has experience rebuilding financial lives.

Money is no laughing matter, but learning to manage well will have you smiling.

We have all made mistakes with our money. Spending impulsively, only to realize that we will come up short for the things that matter. Sometimes these minor money mishaps build into something bigger. The challenge seems overwhelming to a newly sober woman. That’s where we come in. Together, we can help you work through your financial struggles to build a money managing system that will help prevent these struggles from reoccurring down the road.

We can support you

Our financial branch has experience rebuilding financial stability. Through group sharing, financial literacy education, NLSC provides guidance from outside professionals, skill-building, video learning, and support groups help our members learn a new way to live within their means with practical tools and budgeting basics.

Awesome Features:
  • Income and Expenses Analysis
  • Debt Assessment
  • Credit Reports
  • Offer Support In Learning Financial Tools

We don’t fix things for you. We don’t provide funds to “make it go away.” But we can support and advise how to navigate your path toward financial resolution. Learning about managing your money might sound simple, but it can be hard to put into practice. Being equipped with the proper knowledge and tools will help fight back financial burdens and will allow you to be less burdened in the long run.

Reach your goals sooner

Contact our interview team to determine your eligibility for our services. We require participation in our foundational services to access this program. Ask your touchpoint advocate to see if you are ready. Then, a simple email starts your consultation and the journey toward financial independence.

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