Legal Well-BEING

We’ve all been presented with legal issues or obstacles that need our attention.

For the recovering person, these issues may have resulted from their addiction. Once ignored, they seem overwhelming.

Your NLSC mentor will face this with you as you take responsibility, make amends to those you’ve wronged, and pass into new freedom and new happiness.

Support and Legal Counsel

Together with legal counsel, we support you as you face legal issues, sort them out, and create a real plan to put them behind you. It might not always be easy (though sometimes it is!), but once you face these challenges, you begin to be unburdened, and you grow stronger in your sobriety, knowing that there are innumerable benefits.

You’re sober – that is your strength, and with sobriety, we can help put the rest in order.

Awesome Features:
  • A review of your issues and assistance in getting all the facts
  • A supportive, non-judgmental environment that understands we all make mistakes and have been less than perfect
  • A Frank And Thorough Discussion And Plan Of Action
  • Referral To Affordable Legal Resources
  • A Compassionate And Educated Ear To Work With Your Plan

We don’t fix things for you, but we support and advise how to navigate your path toward legal resolution.

We see this as another step in taking personal responsibility and in making amends.

A fresh start on the foundation of recovery.


Contact our interview team to determine your eligibility for our services. We require participation in our foundational services to access this program. Ask your touchpoint advocate to see if you are ready. Then, a simple email starts your consultation and the journey toward legal amends.

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