At New Life Serenity Center we recognize the importance of giving back to our community

Our job on earth isn’t to criticize, reject, or judge. Our purpose is to offer a helping hand, compassion, and mercy. We are to do unto others as we hope they would do unto us.

― Dana Arcuri, Harvest of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity, A 50-Day Devotional

NLSC Leadership and Giving Back (Learning and Leading). We ask women to commit to giving back what they are given. Our volunteer program will ensure that the women who are helped, are available to help others. We will grow and thrive together. We will become empowered to support those coming after us.

It is hard to explain in words how important the leadership role of New Life Serenity Center is for the next generation of sober women. Your growth and knowledge of the process and struggles is of immeasurable use to someone who is currently struggling with, if not the same, then similar circumstances. Coming back later in the program to teach others, and to talk about addiction and becoming sober through real life circumstances is meaningful and effective. You also will serve as a beacon of hope to others.

Here at New Life Serenity Center, we are serious about empowering women. We want you to be just as serious as you give back to the women in your community.

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