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Be part of a community of people dedicated to honoring your journey and giving you access to the resources you need to thrive.

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The Commitment

We are committed to your growth and development. You are part of a community of people dedicated to supporting making your sober life your best life ever


e provide access to wraparound support and services for women in recovery, providing a clear pathway to long-term growth, stability, and freedom. We find the community resources to meet life challenges and connect you to them. At NLSC, you will re-imagine your life and learn how to help others do the same.

more susceptible to addiction
face greater stigma
are often victims of abuse

Your Journey - Our Support

We are committed to you. You’ve made an incredible commitment to yourself, but the journey can be challenging. So we are here to see you show up every day and lighten the load as you do the work. We believe that you are here to flourish in sobriety, and we’re here to see you through.

As your clarity of mind returns, our team will come alongside you to help you discover your clarity of purpose and provide the support you need to grow into happy, joyful, and healthy long-term sobriety.

Our Purpose

New Life Serenity Center Has One Goal:
To Support The Women In Our Community

…Especially Those Who Are In Desperate Need Of A Helping Hand. Here At New Life Serenity Center, We Want You To Know That You Are Not Alone, And We Will Do Everything In Our Power To Help You Live A Happy, Joyous, And Free Life.

Whether You Feel Like You’re At Rock Bottom With Addiction, The Law, Financial Struggles, Or All Of The Above, New Life Serenity Center Wants To Provide A Network Of Support For You. We Know That Living Sober Can Feel So Hopeless. That Is Why We Want To Surround You With Empathy And Resources To See You Discover New Heights Of Sobriety And New Levels Of Freedom, Nourishing Your Growth So That Relapse Is No Longer An Option.

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Our Services

How We Can Support You

Parenting & Family

Our professional team has years of experience in both training and clinical work. This knowledge and expertise will help parents and caregivers with the necessary tools to reclaim or reinvent themselves as healthy moms and family members.

Education & Career Development

We offer support to women in recovery who are looking to complete the next level of their education, set career goals, improve interview skills, create a resume or create a path toward their personal development.

Finance & Banking

Our financial branch has experience rebuilding financial stability. Through group sharing, financial literacy education, NLSC provides a network of resources and professional support to help you take responsibility for your own financial wellbeing.

Legal Support

Together with legal counsel, we can support you as you face legal issues, sort them out, and create a real plan to put them behind you. It might not always be easy (though sometimes it is!), but once you face these challenges, you begin to be unburdened, and you grow stronger in your sobriety, knowing that there are innumerable benefits.

NLSC Leadership

We ask our community of women to give back what others gave to them. Our volunteer program ensures that all women who we support are available to help others in return.

The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection 

Members will discover an authentic, personal connection between their powerful minds, sacred physical bodies, and forever expanding spirits, for a joyful sober life. In addition, members will practice essential skills such as nutrition, physical fitness, meditation, and mindfulness to experience a fulfilling sober life.


We Want To See You Blossom


It Starts With A Conversation

Every person’s journey is different. To begin healing and positive habit-building, we listen, learn, and seek to understand every person who approaches NLSC for healing.


We Create A Customized Roadmap

Once we establish a compassionate understanding of a new member’s past and current situation, we develop a plan of action unique to them.


Track And Monitor Your Progress

Healing is not a linear process. Therefore, NLSC acts as a consistent support system to guarantee a lifetime of growth and prosperity.

Two Ways to Support this transformational work today


Do you have the desire and empathy to support people in discovering their life purpose?

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No matter what size, all donations impact the lives of the women in our community.

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Fulfilled Voices


“I was lost and asking myself… How will I provide for my family with my record? Am I a good mother? Am I good enough? The lie that I wasn't, crept in over and over again. Enter NLSC. Started with their parenting class where I took a close look at what needed to be healed from my own childhood. Learned that what we don't heal and learn from, we repeat. I discovered how to be mindful of my triggers and now have practical techniques to use on the job as a parent... ”
  — NLSC

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